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Did you know that there are actually three types of boutique you can open?

  • Brick & Mortar
  • E-commerce or Online
  • Mobile

There are several things you need to consider when you decide what type of boutique to open and now is a better time than ever!

You should open a brick & mortar boutique if:

- You LOVE interacting with people in person

- Are you going to want to go to a store everyday?


You should open an online boutique if:

- You love social media and showing your face online

- You need a more flexible schedule where you can work from home


You should open a mobile boutique if:

- You don’t mind small spaces

- You love to be adventurous and are able to get creative


Leave in the comments below what kind of boutique you have or what your dream type of boutique is! 

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START SERIES - A Five-Part Podcast Series

Hey you! Emily here with something super exciting!

I've decided to release a podcast series for all of my new-ish boutique owners. If you are new to boutiqueland or maybe you haven't opened your boutique yet and its just a dream or a sketch in a notebook - this series is for YOU!

I'm calling it the START series because as you may or may not know, my mission is to help boutique owners START, GROW and SCALEtheir boutique business.

This will be a series of 5 podcast episodes and the best part is you don't have to wait a whole week for another episode! I'm going to be releasing an episode every day (yes, you read that right!).

The first epsiode is already up and ready for you to listen!

Make sure that you subscribe to the Boost Your Boutique podcast so you'll know when I release new episode 

LISTEN NOW HERE: on iTunes or on Stitcher

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How to get Customers to Your Online Boutique (and get them to buy!)

I've been hearing from so many of you who are just starting out in your boutique business. And I hear the same worries over and over. I’m going to be giving you my top tips for your concerns- a step by step to implement NOW to help you solve that problem.

First up, straight from Holly, a new boutique owner who emailed me: “The main thing I’m struggling with right now is getting the word out there about our new business and getting new traffic thru the door.“

What I interpret that as is an issue with having new customers find you AND urging all customers to take action to come to the store (whether physical or online).

Holly, and others struggling with this issue, here are my top 3 tips for you. Please make sure you start to try these out TODAY so you can start to see the shift in your store ASAP:

1. Show up consistently and give a call to action: You may be doing one part of this, but I find that so many of you don’t do the second—a...

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How to Fund a New Boutique Business

Here’s my top 3 ways to be a scrappy, startup hungry entrepreneur that will fund your boutique business:

1. Save a set amount a week from your paycheck. Parkinson’s Law says, the demand upon a resource tends to expand to match the supply of the resource. Basically, if you make $500 a week, you’ll figure out how to expand your spending to spend $500 a week. Let’s say you immediately transfer $100 a week to a savings account. In just 2 months, you’ll have $800 saved to start your boutique. 4 months, $1600, which is a TON of money to buy inventory (and do everything else in a free or super resourceful way!). You can self-fund your boutique business this way and you’ll be more invested in it since you truly are your own backer!

2. Start with 75! I’m going to guess you have, or can borrow from a family member, $75, right? $75 is enough to buy about 12–15 pieces of jewelry/accessories from a wholesaler. Let’s say...

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New Boutique Owner Checklist

Hey there!

Have you been thinking about opening a boutique? Maybe it was a childhood dream of your's? Listen to my Quick Start Guide here, and download the checklist for starting your boutique!



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Launching Your Boutique Business? Learn How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Hey there Boutique CEO!

Glad you found your way here! Since you are new in (what I like to call) Boutique-land, I wanted to share with you the 5 Mistakes that Boutique Owners Make so that you can avoid them in your journey! I have seen these mistakes so many times, so I hope that you are taking notes to be sure you really don't miss out on dealing with these things, before they become an issue!

#1 You're buying too many categories!

  • Choose 3-4 categories to invest in first (i.e. dresses, tops, earrings, & necklaces)
  • Buy what you're excited about. When you're excited about what you're selling, the quicker that item(s) are going to sell.
  • You can buy less! Don't spend all your money on a surplus of inventory. Buy less (in case you make a mistake) so you have money left over to restock those items that did sell quickly.

#2 You're not charging enough!

  • Mark your products up AT LEAST 3X wholesale prices.
  • Create a Retail Price Structure...
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Where to Buy Clothes for Your Boutique


If you are just starting your boutique, you'll need to know where to buy clothes for it. Please don't buy vendor guides online-- they may not be the vendors you need for the customer you want to sell to!!

You can get access to vendors once you register your business on websites like and

Get my FREE Market Guide that has listings of all the shows and links to the websites for the market centers here:

Or My How to Shop at Market Guide with my Favorite Vendors List included here:

Here is my video about How to Register Your Business (coming 4/9/19!!!! Working on editing it now!)

Here is the link to the list of shows:


I film most of my videos as Facebook Live streams where I can talk back with you! To catch me live, make sure to LIKE my page here and turn on Notifications:

Join my FREE Facebook...

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The Tale of 2 Ace Hardwares

Two of the EXACT same store in the same town... where to shop?

Walk in the first Ace and it seems deserted. Oh wait, there’s an older guy over there... does he work here? Not sure. Start looking around for the item I need, but it’s dark, dusty and none of the aisles are labeled. Where’s the person to help? Oh ok he’s coming over. I ask him for what I need, I may have used to wrong word for it but I describe what I need fixed really well. He looks at me like I could never do that, kind of rolls his eyes and shows me they have one, dusty, faded packaging item of what I need. “Is this from the 80s?” I think to myself. I buy it because I really need it, but I leave feeling insulted, dirty and kind of angry.

Walk into the other Ace and am welcomed by the cashier who says “Hey how are you doing?!” with a genuine smile. I reply and then head to the aisle that is well marked, brightly lit and clean. I immediately find a few options for what I...

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