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Founded by Emily Benson, Boutique Training Academy’s commitment is to serve aspiring and established boutique entrepreneurs learn the most efficient and profitable ways to run and love their business.

Who I serve:

I serve both aspiring boutique entrepreneurs and established boutique owners. 

At a foundational level I teach new boutique entrepreneurs how to create the right assortment mix, margins that provide a steady cash flow from day one and authentic organic marketing.


For the more advanced boutique owner, I show them how to streamline processes inside their company, cultivate a millionaire mindset and produce advertising that attracts new customers while they step into an executive role.

How I Can Help You

My intention is to teach you retail fundamentals, the latest online marketing practices and help you hit new sales numbers you didn't think were possible!

Online Learning & Training

You are busy and want to start learning immediately. I have an assortment of basic and niche boutique courses.

Live In Person Events

You want a community of boutique owners, live coaching support from me and experiences that are proven to change your life.

Private Consulting

You're a serious boutique looking to streamline and scale. I offer high level 1:1 consulting to boutique brands scaling to $1M+ years.

"I cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to work with Emily Benson. Together we have tripled my sales, and had to reset my sales goal 4 times in 6 months because I keep surpassing it.""

Lex Nevin
Dressed in LaLa, Utah

"I started to notice a slump. I couldn’t quite make my numbers work the way I wanted. So I hired Emily Benson and she has changed my whole business around. I’m really proud to say that Emily helped me grow over $50,000 in one month, yes, one month. So I’d like to ask you guys if you think that you can’t afford Emily, how can you afford NOT to hire Emily?"

Shari Aussant
Mermaids on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"On my sideline is Emily Benson! She is just screaming go, go, go! She has taught me everything I need to know to be a successful businesswoman. I would not be where I am today without the Six Figure Blueprint and Emily Benson."

Laura Stewart
Platinum Pony Traveling Boutique, Louisiana

"I have been contemplating starting my own boutique for years and my friend suggested I speak with Emily based on her credentials and experience as an entrepreneur. I was so incredibly inspired!! "

Lauren Williams
The Gemma Shop, Ohio

>> need to know <<

Articles by Emily to help you stay up-to-date on what you need to know for your boutique business.

Boutique Basics Bootcamp

This Online Course is what we consider a "level 1" course. It's the perfect next step for you if you have read my book, are thinking of opening a boutique in the next 3-6 months, or have been open for under a year and are struggling to make money in your boutique business.

There's so much to know when you open a boutique, what if there was an easy way to get your startup moving faster, with expert guidance?
Boutique Basics Bootcamp is designed specifically for new and startup boutique owners.

Get read to pick product that sells, make money on selling your merchandise and have a huge tribe of fantastic customers!

Click here to learn more about Boutique Basics Bootcamp!

Six Figure Boutique Blueprint

This Online Course is what we consider a "level 2" course. It's perfect for you if you have taken Boutique Basics Bootcamp, OR have been open for 6+ months and are making $3,000-10,000 consistently in your boutique business.

Six Figure Boutique Blueprint is for the boutique owner who is looking to make more consistent income in their 6+ month old business.

Over the course of this 12 Week LIVE Group Coaching Program, your mindset will shift (to the positive!), your margins will increase (making you more $!) and your marketing plan will get easy (like automated posts easy!).

Learn More about SFBB!

High Vibe Boutique Mastermind

Not a course, an experience. Spend 2020 with Emily and 11 other high level boutique owners to scale your business.

High Vibe Boutique Mastermind is only for the committed boutique owner who is excited to scale their boutique business.

Spend January-November 2021 working with Emily 1:1 every month inside your numbers and marketing plan. Connect with quality time on Mastermind calls and in-person events with other energetic boutique owners like yourself. And expect to be transformed by the end of 2021.

Explore what the Mastermind has to Offer You

Hi, I'm Emily Benson!

I'm Emily Benson and it’s my personal goal to help more women achieve maximum success with their boutique businesses

I've spent the past 15 years navigating the retail industry. First, as a merchant for major brands (think Abercombie and Fitch, Club Monaco & Henri Bendel) running million dollar fashion businesses. I did everything from design and product development to store merchandising and brand launches. You name it, I most likely know how to execute it (and #crushit!)

In 2011, I quit corporate to start my own mobile boutiqueThe Fashion Truck, one of the first of it's kind in the country. I quickly realized how different being a small business owner was from the 9-5 life and after a massive Truck-totaling accident, I knew something needed to change. Since the day I crashed my business, I've been on a path to figuring out how to be super successful in my boutiques (I added a brick and mortar!) and really happy in my life.

I opened Boutique Training Academy to help you implement cutting edge marketing strategies and simple inventory management systems in your boutique business to sustain, grow and expand with ease.

Want to talk? Send me an email at

Emily's businesses have been seen in:

"I am so excited to share that I broke the six figure mark in less than 4 months in business!!!! ... I'm so excited about the potential for Haven!!!"

Julie Ciardi
Haven Boutique, New York

"I hired Emily after being a top seller in a well known direct sales fashion company. Starting a boutique has been totally different and I paid her to bypass the money lost figuring it out myself. She has taught me everything. We went to the apparel show in Atlanta in August together and she showed me her method of shopping. I’m happy to say that everything we bought has sold out and I’m having my biggest sales months of the year!"

Jill Vadnie
Dakota Flora Boutique, North Dakota

Read my #1 Bestselling Book, The Ultimate Boutique Handbook!

Written by the award winning owner of The Fashion Truck, Emily Benson, The Ultimate Boutique Handbook is a comprehensive, easy to follow guide of how to open a boutique of your own. Emily's 12+ years of experience in the retail world will be passed on to you through stories and advice on how to deal with the ups and downs in the start up and operation of your boutique. This is the only book in the world that will give you the full details on how to open a mobile retail shop, from build out to scheduling. After reading this guide, you'll have the knowledge and the confidence to build the store of your dreams!

Available on Amazon.


Listen to the Boost Your Boutique Podcast!

Known for her no nonsense approach and bold teaching style, Emily mixes boutique strategies to help you grow your business, and interviews with experts to teach to you improve your life outside your store.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and Soundcloud.



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