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It's okay for you to be authentic & real

boutique boutique academy boutique basics boutique business growth boutique coaches boutique consultant boutique photography how to grow a boutique Mar 19, 2021


When I started consulting, I was in the mode of: I need a fancy photo shoot to show that I'm smart and professional. Honestly, I spend most days in leggings because when I'm most comfortable is when I'm most in my flow.

So many boutique owners think they need a professional photographer to shoot every style for their online stores. Truth is, an iPhone is great quality. Frankly the photos I get the most likes and engagement on are the ones that Greg takes of me out and about in portrait mode.

It's ok for you to be authentic and real and people still take you seriously. I take myself seriously and I think that my energy leads more than my outfits. Everyday I'm dressing to help my energy flow.

Don't think everything has to be perfect to start, or you need to spend loads of money on what won't make you money in return.

Here's to making lots of friends, and making lots of money,

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