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Boutique Training Academy’s commitment is to serve aspiring and established boutique entrepreneurs learn the most efficient and profitable ways to run and love their business.

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Brand New Boutique Owner?

You are prepping a business plan or are 1-2 months into launching your boutique business.

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You've been open for 6 months to a year, see sales growing, and are looking to find more customers.

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Established Boutique Owner?

You've been in business more than 1 year, have consistent monthly sales and are looking to scale.

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Who we serve:

We serve both aspiring boutique entrepreneurs to established boutique owners. 

At a foundational level we teach new boutique entrepreneurs how to create the right assortment ix, margins that provide a steady cash flow from day one and authentic organic marketing.


For the more advanced boutique owner, we show them how to streamline processes inside their company, cultivate a millionaire mindset and produce advertising that attracts new customers while they step into an executive role.

How We Can Help You

Online Self Study Courses

You are busy and want to start learning immediately. We have an assortment of basic and niche boutique self paced courses.

Group Coaching Programs

You want a community of boutique owners, live coaching support from Emily and courses that are proven to change your life.

Private Consulting

You're a serious boutique looking to streamline and scale. Emily offers high level consulting to boutique brands scaling to $1M+ years.

Hi, I'm Emily Benson!

I'm Emily Benson and it’s my personal goal to help more women achieve maximum success with their boutique businesses

I've spent the past 15 years navigating the retail industry. First, as a merchant for major brands (think Abercombie and Fitch, Club Monaco & Henri Bendel) running million dollar fashion businesses. I did everything from design and product development to store merchandising and brand launches. You name it, I most likely know how to execute it (and #crushit!)

In 2011, I quit corporate to start my own mobile boutiqueThe Fashion Truck, one of the first of it's kind in the country. I quickly realized how different being a small business owner was from the 9-5 life and after a massive Truck-totaling accident, I knew something needed to change. Since the day I crashed my business, I've been on a path to figuring out how to be super successful in my boutiques(I added a brick and mortar!) and really happy in my life.

I opened Boutique Training Academy to help you implement cutting edge marketing strategies and simple systems in your boutique business to sustain, grow and expand with ease.

"Because of [Pain Point], I always had trouble with [Technique]. With [Brand], I learned better techniques for [Benefit 1], and it's improved my life immensely."

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