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Does this sound like you?

You’re working 24/7, probably because you're still stuck at your 9-5 job.

You are barely paying the bills, let alone paying yourself.

Sales are up, down, and never, ever consistent.

You feel like you are working really hard, and your bank account is sad.

Tired is your middle name.

And date night, what’s that?


But this is what you’ve wanted to do forever.

You love selling clothes, accessories or home decor.

It lights you up, it lights your customers up.

When you first opened your doors (or website), everyone was psyched.

You had mega sales and it felt SO good.

It felt like confirmation that you were doing exactly what you were meant to.

Then a few months, or a year, has gone by and everything’s not so great. Sales are inconsistent. You’re not sure where to market and how to reach all those customers you know would want to shop with you (if they just knew about you).

You’re immersed in the business 24/7 and it’s been months since you lifted your head up to take a break. You feel like you have to be constantly working hard to make any money at all. Then again, all the money goes to pay for product, overhead, shipping, an employee, online fees and credit card transactions. One minute things feel like they are going great, the next the anxiety sets in and you are consumed with how the heck you are going to sell enough product to make ends meet. You can’t even imagine the day that you’ll be able to take a salary, let alone a salary and a bonus.

What if you knew when and where customers were coming from? What if you had systems set up and running to keep the flow of customers and you weren’t clenching your teeth every night worried that no one was going to walk through the door the next day. How would that feel?

"On my sideline is Emily Benson! She is just screaming go, go, go! She has taught me everything I need to know to be a successful businesswoman. I would not be where I am today without the Six Figure Blueprint and Emily Benson. If you are thinking about joining, do it! Don’t make any excuses!"

Laura Stewart
Platinum Pony Traveling Boutique, Louisiana

"My life and business completely changed. Before I started Six Figure Blueprint in January, I was having $5-7k months in my boutique. February was a $15k month, and March we did $20,000 in the boutique!!"

Brittany Gunter
Forever Young Boutique, Alabama

"I started to notice a slump. I couldn’t quite make my numbers work the way I wanted. So I hired Emily Benson and she has changed my whole business around. I’m really proud to say that Emily helped me grow over $50,000 in one month, yes, one month. So I’d like to ask you guys if you think that you can’t afford Emily, how can you afford NOT to hire Emily?"

Shari Aussant
Mermaids on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"We decided it was time to get some help for our business and we signed up for Six Figure Blueprint. Loved the course and I think my favorite thing about it was the worksheets that we did every week. She asked some really in-depth questions that kind of gets to the root of who you are and what you’re trying to do and that was super helpful. Overall what I got out of the program most was the ability to let go of some financial blocks that I have personally."

Heather Frazer
Olive & Estelle Boutique, Tennessee

The Doors to Six Figure Boutique Blueprint are currently closed!

Doors will reopen in January 2021 for enrollment. Want to be the first to know? Sign up below for the waitlist!