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Most boutique owners want to increase sales, grow their audience through efficient marketing and have structure that is calm and focused.

But you are currently far from that. You're making money, but not enough. You're growing your audience, but not enough. And a schedule? Doesn't exist.


Most boutique owners want to increase sales, grow their audience through efficient marketing and have structure that is calm and focused.

But you are currently far from that. You're making money, but not enough. You're growing your audience, but not enough. And a schedule? Doesn't exist.

Until now. 

Six Figure Boutique Blueprint is the premier program designed specifically for boutique owners and retail product sellers to go from "doing ok" to absolutely crushing it in their boutique. 


What is Six Figure Boutique Blueprint?

This is a 6-month experience for boutique owners to grow their business from $3000-5000 revenue months to $10-15,000 months. (and beyond.)

In the course we focus on my proven methodology that creates successful boutiques: Mindset, Margins, and Marketing.  


We start with mindset work and I help guide you through your blocks. Did you know that so much of your own success is based on how you are thinking, feeling and acting each day? You'll get the opportunity to reflect on why you started this business and define what success looks like to you. I want to show you how close you really are to having your dream life!


Margins is a broad term for all the numbers "stuff" in your boutique. I've found that so many boutique owners simply don't know or are scared to understand the data and math behind their business. Retail math IS easy and in this course, I break everything down for you in simple to understand the terminology. You'll get a grasp on your inventory management systems, financial accounting and start paying yourself a salary!


Marketing is not just social media! Your customer's journey from discovering your business, to placing their first order is a journey. Are you guiding them through it in a way that's easy to understand? Are you emotionally connecting with them? Will they evolve into a brand advocate? This is my focus when we talk marketing-- social selling, customer retention, and paid advertising that works!

The 6 Month Experience Includes So Much Support!

6 Months of Support

Let's face it, you're making BIG moves and you deserve BIG support! You'll get 3 monthly coaching calls and a Facebook group with both leadership and community to help surround you in positivity on this journey.

3 Coaching Calls a Month

You don't get breakthroughs in Facebook groups (well maybe sometimes) but here's what I know: It takes guts, honesty and someone who has been in your shoes to tell you exactly what you can't see. That's what we deliver on Coaching Calls.

Paid Ads Guidance

Ads are confusing and changing all the time. But, what if I told you that on average, I help clients get a 3-10x ROI on Ads with my "Ads in a Weekend" Method? You'll get access to this method and we'll help guide you during the year to grow this revenue stream.

Shopify & Website Expertise

My team's Shopify Expert will be on hand for questions and monthly calls. You'll have the opportunity for direct feedback and direction on edits that will make you more money from your online boutique.

Access to Emily Benson

If you didn't know yet, I am behind some of the biggest, most commercially successful boutiques in business today. When you sign up for this course, you get access to what I know from 17 years of experience and current trends.

Retail Mindset Moves

I literally wrote the book on The Retail Mindset and everything I do has personal development, meditation and mindset shifts included. Be prepared to blossom into a confident, calm and organized boutique owner.

As a Six Figure Boutique Blueprint member, your time will be spent focused on these topics:


You can access Six Figure Boutique Blueprint anytime, any place using your smartphone, tablet or computer. You'll have Lifetime Access to the coursework. Everything is there for you when you want or need it- now or in the future!

Hi friend, I'm Emily!

For the past 5 years, I've been educating and consulting with brick and mortar, online and mobile retailers utilizing a groundbreaking new training methodology.

I have over 17 years merchandising background with Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Henri Bendel, followed by launching one of the first mobile fashion trucks in the nation.

As the founder of Boutique Training Academy, one of the top retail educational platforms for boutique owners, I'm the secret behind so many of those million dollar boutique businesses you see online.

Andrea Rahal

Inkwell Modern Handmade, Nova Scotia

Having been in business for 8+ years, I knew that there was still a lot to learn and areas I could improve upon. Emily knows all the right questions to ask. SFBB came along at the perfect time, just when I needed it. I've walked away with a to-do list of items I'm keen to tackle and the knowledge to take confident action. The Mindset sections are life-changing and I'm grateful to now have this way of thinking in my arsenal of tools for surviving entrepreneurship in boutique land!

Catherine Stecich

Harp & Sole Boutique, Cape Cod MA

Within the first month of taking the class, I had already seen an increase in my sales, just by making some small changes in the way I think and do things. This class has really opened my mind and my business up for success!! I am already looking forward to taking more of Emily's classes. I promise you, you will not regret signing up!!"

Heather Frazer

Olive & Estelle Boutique, Tennessee

We decided it was time to get some help for our business and we signed up for Six Figure Boutique Blueprint. Loved the course and I think my favorite thing about it was the worksheets that we did every week. She asked some really in-depth questions that kind of gets to the root of who you are and what you’re trying to do and that was super helpful. Overall what I got out of the program most was the ability to let go of some financial blocks that I have personally.

I'm ready to work with Emily and her team for the next 6 months to grow my boutique business!

Join Six Figure Boutique Blueprint 6 Month Experience!

As a member of the Six Figure Boutique Blueprint 6-Month Experience, you'll get: 

Is Six Figure Boutique Blueprint right for me right now?

Our intention in offering this course is to help you rise up from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE in your boutique business. While I try to give some examples of milestones I've hoped you've hit to be ready to sign up, ultimately, if this course won't get out of your head, then know that you are meant to be in it. If you are still on the fence, I want you to consider the following:

Six Figure Boutique Blueprint IS for you if:

  • You have been in business at least 6 months OR are having consistent $3-$10,000 sales months.

  • You have been open for awhile (1-2+ years) and feel like you are in a slump emotionally, mentally or financially.

  • You feel lonely and crave real connections to high vibe, likeminded boutique owners, makers and fashion gurus like you.

  • You have the basic tenets of your business set up and running and now are ready to GROW the business.

  • You are sick of "just getting by," "trying to keep up with everything" or "barely making the bills each month."

  • You know you have more to learn, but haven't been able to find the answers online or in other groups.

  • You get LIT UP anytime you listen to one of Emily's podcasts, videos or trainings.

  • You are ready to level up and play bigger in your boutique business, write yourself a paycheck and feel really solid about the growth of your business.

  • You are sick of being told to "do all the things" and want to be told the exact thing to do to move the needle in your boutique business.

  • You want the first months of 2021 to have MASSIVE sales numbers like you've never seen before.

Six Figure Boutique Blueprint IS NOT for you if:

  • You opened your boutique yesterday or are thinking of opening a boutique very soon. (I have Boutique Basics Bootcamp that is perfect for you!)

  • You are making $30,000 or more consistently per month in your boutique business. (I have my 1:1 Coaching that is perfect for you! Email me at [email protected])

  • You feel like everything is just fine in your boutique business and you don't need advice or a new community.

  • You are fine being worried sick about every bill, every customer who walks through the door and every vendor who calls for shipping approval.

  • You are totally ok staying up until 3am figuring it all out on your own.

  • You want to stay exactly where you are in life and business because it's comfortable and change is too hard for you to deal with.

  • You are absolutely fine being the taskmaster of your boutique business, steaming the clothes and keeping track of inventory.

  • You are ok growing your business on your own.

Hear from some SFBB Alumni:


Victoria's Vibe Boutique, California

'I had just graduated from Boutique Basics Bootcamp and knew there was more to learn and gain by working with Emily. I was motivated by reading others' testimonials and wanted to keep that momentum going! I really took to heart the first few weeks of the program where we focused on mindset. I saw almost immediate results. I’m now more secure with my boutique, with my product assortment, and more confident to shop in person at markets and shows!' 


Parker Jane, Ohio

'I had a vision from day one and I knew I couldn’t get there on my own. I had been watching Emily for a while and I just knew I had to work with her! If you’re serious about investing in yourself and your business, then you need Six Figure Boutique Blueprint. You can always learn more. Emily is amazing and definitely someone to learn from.'


Fresh Nostalgia Mobile Boutique, Pennsylvania

'The reason I signed up for Six Figure Boutique Blueprint is that I do not have a background in corporate retail. I know a lot about fashion, but I don’t know a lot about the business end of it and I really wanted to get started off on the right foot. Boy was it a great decision because I’ve already avoided making a ton of mistakes that I definitely would have made had I not been with Emily during these weeks. I’m so so thankful for that.'

What is Boutique Training Academy?

Boutique Training Academy is an online education company that has proven results in successfully training and affecting change in new and established retailers. We were one of the first true merchandising and education experts in the new age of boutique consulting industry, and we strive to be different than what's offered anywhere else. Here’s what truly sets us apart:

  1. Experience. Our founder, Emily Benson, has 17 years merchandising background with Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Henri Bendel, followed by launching one of the first mobile fashion trucks in the nation. She has spent the past 6 years educating and consulting with brick and mortar, online and mobile retailers utilizing a groundbreaking new training methodology. 

  2. Approach. The basis of Emily’s holistic approach to boutique coaching and education is that you are capable of anythingYou cannot have a successful business with a busted mindset.” It’s impossible to separate your personal health and wellness from your business success. When working for yourself, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re envisioning your dreams, pacing yourself, meditating and operating your business with a well thought out plan. 

  3. Team. Emily's compiled a team of incredible women business owners-turned-coaches to support you on this journey. Each is highly experienced in the specifics of launching and running a boutique, and trained in our BTA "Mindset-Margins-Marketing" methodology. Combined, our team has about 50 years of retail and boutique experience. All ages, locations and life situations, they are here to be another voice, virtual hug and kick in the butt you need to overcome the blocks that are holding you back.

  4. Results. Let’s face it. Results matter. Emily helps boutiques hit wild numbers on the daily. With the boutiques she personally consults, on average see between 20-30% sales revenue growth year over year. Boutique Training Academy has had over 275 established boutique owners not only love the course, but have changed the course of their business from it. You'll see past graduates freely chiming in on social media to talk about the course has changed their life and encouraging others to sign up.

At BTA, we have created an inclusive space for boutique owners to not just survive, but thrive. We see the clear opportunity in the boutique industry for more superstars like you, and want to guide you to grab market share that is yours for the taking. Malls might be dead, but boutiques are just getting started!

Meet the Boutique Training Academy Team:

I'm really excited to announce the addition of coaches to my fantastic team here at Boutique Training Academy. I know that I don't know it all, and my intention in bringing Ariane and Andrea, into my programs is to give you new points of view and ideas to develop and expand your boutique business. Both of these women are incredible examples of what I believe it takes to be a true #RetailCEO and I'm excited for you to get to know them!

Ariane Braverman

Retail Coach

Ariane comes to Team Emily with over 20 years of experience in the fashion and retail industry. Ariane and Emily first met working at Henri Bendel in New York City as part of the Jewelry and Accessories team. A graduate of FIT in New York, Ariane was behind the retail debut of some of the most iconic jewelry brands we now know today. She curated a full floor of jewelry in the HB Fifth Avenue Flagship store, a department that made millions for the company. She'd never admit it, but Ariane is a jewelry guru and highly regarded merchant in the fashion industry. She now runs her accessories boutique, Ariane's Jewel Box, while spending quality time at home with her young kids.

Andrea Kenney

Shopify Expert

Andrea has served as Emily's brand manager for the last three years and has immersed herself in Boutiqueland, specifically focusing on social media and e-Commerce. Over the last year, she has helped many boutiques and small businesses create and manage their Shopify accounts and is excited to share what she has learned with you! Andrea has her Master's in Criminal Justice, which makes her the ideal member of Emily's team to hunt down her copycats and scare them. In her free time, you can find Andrea listening to crime podcasts with her dog Finn, teaching spin classes, or cheering her girl squad on.