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Most boutique owners want to increase sales, grow their audience through efficient marketing and have structure that is calm and focused.

But you are currently far from that. You're making money, but not enough. You're growing your audience, but not enough. And a schedule? Doesn't exist.

Until Now...

Six Figure Boutique Blueprint is the premier program designed specifically for boutique owners and retail product sellers to go from "doing ok" to absolutely crushing it in their boutique.

If you are a boutique owner (brick & mortar, mobile or e-commerce) or Direct Sales Fashion Consultant--- get ready to see results!

Over the course of this 12 Week LIVE Group Coaching Program, your mindset will shift (to the positive!), your margins will increase (making you more $!) and your marketing plan will get easy (like automated posts easy!).

"Within the first month of taking the class I had already seen an increase in my sales, just by making some small changes in the way I think and do things. This class has really opened my mind and my business up for success!! I am already looking forward to taking more of Emily's classes. I promise you, you will not regret signing up!!""

Catherine Stecich
Harp & Sole Boutique, Cape Cod MA

"My life and business completely changed. Before I started Six Figure Blueprint in January, I was having $5-7k months in my boutique. February was a $15k month, and March we did $20,000 in the boutique!!"

Brittany Gunter
Forever Young Boutique, Alabama

"Everything in your training has been on point. Everything I ever try works and it's amazing!"

Bethany Liquori
Be Bella Boutique, Westfield MA

"We decided it was time to get some help for our business and we signed up for Six Figure Blueprint. Loved the course and I think my favorite thing about it was the worksheets that we did every week. She asked some really in-depth questions that kind of gets to the root of who you are and what you’re trying to do and that was super helpful. Overall what I got out of the program most was the ability to let go of some financial blocks that I have personally."

Heather Frazer
Olive & Estelle Boutique, Tennessee

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