I created the Rich Retailer Retreat because I saw a real need in the boutique community for relaxation, personal development, and true connection. Business is ultimately a spiritual practice, where the more we dive into ourselves, the more well-rounded our business becomes. We must love our life to love our business. In my own experience, the more I learned to open up to a deeper sense of who I was, the more authentic and at ease my business became. I want you to experience this as well.

This is not your typical business conference. As a certified meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, AND business consultant, I want to invite you to experience what it’s like to dive deep into your life and business as one holistic picture.

Can you have less stress and make more money? Yes.

Can you spend more time with your family and have a thriving business community? Yes.

Can you have more fun in your life and business? OH HECK YES!

Spend 2 days and 3 nights in an immersive, luxury experience that will leave you refreshed and transformed. I’ve invited my personal healers and teachers to work alongside me during this time to give you the opportunity to expand your heart and reignite your passion. I’ve chosen to host this year at the Eau Palm Beach, renowned for its spectacular oceanfront location and glamorous Jonathan Adler-designed rooms, so you can up-level your own travel expectations. Finally, I’ve made the retreat all-inclusive of room and meals so you can settle into the experience and allow it to change you, without the worries of commuting or meal searching.

We’re keeping spots limited so you can make lasting friendships and get personalized support from myself and my team. This experience was designed for you, and I cannot wait to see you there!

Your 3 days of abundance begins in...









"There wasn't just one thing about the retreat that I liked. I had to step outside my box a little bit and I learned a lot about myself. Getting to meet other boutique owners from around the country and realizing that we are all in the same place, the speakers, the breathwork - it was a great experience. I've realized how important it is to put taking care of yourself first."

-Jana Carani, JAC Designs

Who is the Rich Retailer Retreat For?

This retreat is for the boutique business owner who is ready to say YES to a new way of doing business.

You are ready to stop having conditional responses and want to learn how to create new realities in your life.

  • Boutique Owners: just starting out to 10+ years in business, you want to see how much farther you can take your business!
  • Product Sellers: You make things and you want to sell more of them!
  • Direct Fashion Sellers: You're on a mission to hit the next sales rank, let's do this!

Together with a room full of powerful boutique CEOs, you will purge every fear and excuse and, at last, access the power within you.

We are already planning for the 2023 Rich Retailer Retreat!

Want to be the first to know when tickets are available and take advantage of the amazing payment plans?

Join the waitlist! Space will be limited to 20-25 tickets for 2023!

"I met so many people that I feel like I will be friends with forever."

-Renee Rosenbeck, Ciao Bella Boutique

Over 16 magical hours of transforming your spirit, life, and boutique!



"I didn’t know what to expect ... I’m feeling lighter and more excited to go back home and work on my boutique business!" 

-Grace, The Bali Market