Are you tired of searching for answers about how to start your boutique business?

I'm guessing that's a YES!

You’re googling everything, getting stuck in dark alleys of the internet.

You joined a bunch of Facebook groups, but asking questions seem to get you both excited and confused.

Maybe you've actually launched your boutique, but let's face it, only your fam and friends are on your purchase list.

You know this is your dream, but you just can't really see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Frustrated is your middle name.

And sleep, what’s that?


But you KNOW you are meant to have a banging boutique business.

You love selling clothes and accessories- like it's your passion x1000.

Maybe you started in a direct selling company, so you have the hang of it, kind of...

Or perhaps you are almost ready to hit 'buy now' on that first inventory order, but nerves keep closing the browser window.

You know the online boutique industry is growing, but your bank account isn't, yet.

You refuse to give up on the dream of having your own incredible, to-die-for-amazing boutique business. Never- no freaking way!


There's so much to know when you open a boutique, what if there was an easy way to get your startup moving faster, with expert guidance?

There's never been a startup program like this before...

Until Now...

Boutique Basics Bootcamp is the ONLY program in the world designed specifically for new and startup boutique owners. Get ready to pick product that sells, make money on selling your merchandise and have a huge tribe of customers!

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A little about Emily, the creator of Boutique Basics Bootcamp:

I'm Emily Benson and it’s my personal goal to help more women achieve maximum success with their boutique businesses. Failure is not an option in my mind. Whatever kind of boutique you dream of opening, Boutique Basics Bootcamp will help you get there.

I've spent the past 13 years navigating the retail industry. First, as a merchant for major brands (think Abercombie and Fitch, Club Monaco & Henri Bendel) running million dollar fashion businesses. I did everything from design and product development to store merchandising and brand launches. You name it, I most likely know how to execute it (and #crushit!)

In 2011, I quit corporate to start my own mobile boutique, The Fashion Truck, one of the first of it's kind in the country. I quickly realized how different being a small business owner was from the 9-5 life and after a massive Truck-totaling accident, I knew something needed to change. Since the day I crashed my business, I've been on a path to figuring out how to be super successful in my boutiques (I added a brick and mortar!) and really happy in my life.

And I've finally got the formula.

I've seen how many women want to get into the boutique business, and 99% of them have no real, boutique-experienced mentors. That's a problem... one that I aim to solve with the Boutique Basics Bootcamp. I'm excited to help you launch this next chapter in your life!

"My sales on Black Friday was $2,000 which was what my total sales in the whole month of July was when we launched our website "

Kait Y.
Online Boutique Owner

"I'm about to burst from excitement!!!! I was just asked to be the NFR blogger for the largest equine magazine in our industry! I get free advertisement for my boutique, myself, and my horse! This is a BIG deal!!! I'm so so so excited!!!!!"

Lacee K.
Online & Pop-Up Boutique, Texas

"Last week was a good way. My mindset was “on point” (thank you Emily) despite an employee not showing up...we recovered, i jumped in, and we’ve sold through over half of what I ordered to get us to I’m spending Sunday ordering more and it’s only 12/3!"

Lauren O.
Brick & Mortar Boutique, California

"But the biggest success is that I get the keys to my B&M tomorrow!!! It’s right in downtown Glens Falls, NY, exactly where I wanted to be!!! It’s all happening so fast. Can you say MOMENTUM. When things are aligned it’s amazing how everything just takes off. ❤️❤️❤️"

Jen D.
Moving from Direct Sales to Brick & Mortar, New York

As a member of Boutique Basics Bootcamp you’ll receive…

  • 6 Training Modules of Expert Support to help you steer your business in the direction that is going to be productive and successful
  • 6 Training Workbooks with actionable worksheets, explanations and examples covering topics from mindset to marketing
  • 6 Video Training Sessions where I'll walk you through the week's workbook topic and help you get clarity on your business plan
  • BONUS: 5 Guest Expert Trainings Each expert is someone I trust deeply with my own business who is teaching a deeper level of their favorite topic live on video.
  • BONUS: 3 of My Guided Meditations for visualizing your future and relaxing into your day

Who is this for?

As a Boutique Basics Bootcamp member, your 6 training modules with me will be spent focused on these topics:

  • Why you need a BIG WHY to create brand messaging that matters
  • Identifying your personal money story for deep transformation
  • How to throw out the thoughts that aren’t serving your success
  • Who do you think you want to serve?
  • Why does she need you in her life every week?
  • What can you offer to her to keep her coming back and buying from you?
  • How to create an assortment that sells
  • Why your pricing structure matters and how to develop a structure that matches your ideal customer's expectations
  • Create a product sourcing strategy that saves you time and money
  • What kind of boutique will you be and what implications on set up will that be?

  • How to get the nitty gritty tax, accounting and insurance set up

  • What does your website need to look and feel like to be successful?

  • Why doing every social media is killing your sales

  • How to keep customers visiting you and BUYING from you!

  • Why you must get comfortable on video and how to convert viewers to buyers

  • How much inventory do you need to launch and then keep as you grow?

  • Why being consistent in your marketing plan is the key to success

  • How to hold the long term vision for your boutique’s success when others may doubt you

As a BONUS you'll get:

5 Guest Expert Trainings

Each expert is someone I trust deeply with my own business who is teaching a deeper level of their favorite topic live on video:
  • Intention Setting for Life and Business with Danielle Thompson
  • Confidence with Christine McAlister
  • Social Media Strategies with Deb LaFlamme
  • Your Wealth Identity™ with Alexandra Covucci
  • Adding Joy to Your Life and Business with Kathryn McIntyre 


You can access Boutique Basics Bootcamp anytime, anyplace using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Go as fast as you want, or take your time working through each module at your own pace. Everything is there for you to when you want or need it!

In Boutique Basics Bootcamp, You'll Get the Following:

6 Modules of Video Trainings ($2,797 value)

6 Extensive Training Workbooks that outline everything you need to know to start your boutique business ($1400 value)

BONUS: 5 Guest Expert Training videos ($2000 value)

BONUS: 3 Meditations for visualizing your future and relaxing into your day ($200 value)


For a Limited Time Your Total Investment is ONLY $197!

When you sign up for Boutique Basics Bootcamp now, you'll get immediate access all 6 modules and the bonuses! You literally can start this minute transforming your boutique business! Click the button below to get in the doors NOW!

"I did a vendor event yesterday that I did last year with A&D. I tripled my sales. I’m excited that my profit margins are higher this year too!"

Emily P.
Online & Pop-Up Boutique, Ohio

"I loved the workbook section that said to describe your ideal, fully booked day. It confirmed that I was "right" and that I can serve that ideal customer well."

Rachel S.
Online Boutique, Virginia

"I've had almost $4k in sales at my first 2 events. I just keep looking at my Shopify app because I can't believe it😆"

Caylee B.
Online & Pop-Up Boutique, Alabama