Ready to work with me 1:1 and get deep in your business to help it scale to the next level?

Spend the next 6 months with me focused on growth, energy, alignment, goal getting and an exact plan to follow so you can reach where you know you can in 2021.

What is the High Vibe Boutique Mastermind?

As a coach and consultant to some of the most successful boutique businesses out there, I've seen exactly what it takes to build a million dollar plus boutique. I have dedicated the majority of my time to taking a small group of boutique owners through this process.

I love helping boutiques start up. But where my strengths truly lie is in scaling and massive growth. My goal is to help create more multi-million dollar, high profit boutique businesses in the next 3 years.

Assessing & Understanding Your Business

We'll start with a full business assessment, diving deep into your numbers from 2019-2020 to create a full open to buy plan for March 2021 - September 2021. I want to set you up with an inventory management and cash flow plan that makes sense and makes money. I'll look at your marketing, social media and any paid advertising you've done to make sure it's on brand and helping you attract more customers.

Embracing Your CEO Mindset

This topic is so important to me that my upcoming book is entirely dedicated to it. I have found that SO many boutique owners miss their opportunity to truly grow and scale because their mindset isn't set up for that kind of success. It's easy to stay comfortable making the money you are making now, but what if some belief clearing and shifts to your daily routine could mean that you break through that next income plateau? 

I'm going to challenge you go to a new level of mindset work so that you start seeing the results you've only dreamed of.

Planning to Scale

Every person who opens a boutique has different goals. Scaling for you could mean another brick and mortar location, adding an online store or it could simply mean doubling the sales in the location you already are in operation. We'll work together to see the opportunities for you to scale your boutique business, whether it's adding paid advertising, working with influencers or yes, opening another location!

Create Advertising that Makes You Money

Let's get you ready for the biggest holiday season you've ever had. We'll look at your organic social media and combine it with new paid social media advertising that makes you money. I LOVE creating ads that feel right for you and your boutique... oh, and that make money!!!

What's included in the High Vibe Boutique Mastermind?


Over the six month program, you'll receive one monthly coaching call with me. As part of your onboarding, you'll also receive a full business assessment and access to a private Facebook group.  


Not only will you be working 1:1 with me, you'll also be able to meet and speak with High Vibe Boutique CEOs like yourself on monthly group coaching calls. 

Monthly 1:1 Coaching

As a business coach and also having a business coach myself, I know how important it is to have 1:1 time. Because I no longer offer private 1:1 coaching, the High Vibe Boutique Mastermind is the only way to work with me in that capacity. I wanted to really level up the Mastermind this year so I've added monthly 1:1 calls to the program - that's 6 calls throughout our 6 months together! These calls are meant to keep you on track and move your boutique business forward quickly and simply!

Set Up Social Media Ads

A key piece of scaling your boutique business to $500k-$1M+ in revenue is paid social media advertising. This is something I've helped boutique owners capitalize on. From conception to making adjustments, I love helping my Mastermind clients make a ton of money on advertising!

Private Facebook Group, Bi-Weekly Group Mastermind Calls and Bi-Weekly Trainings

Finding your tribe isn't easy and finding a tribe that understands this industry is even harder. In addition to your monthly individual calls, we will also have monthly group calls so that you can connect with other high vibe boutique CEOs who are in the exact same place you are in your growth journey. Monthly trainings on FB Ads, organizational development and scaling your boutique are taught by me as well!

What you get in April 2021 Mastermind Cohort:

We're enrolling in March 2021 and the program runs April 2021 through September 2021.

  • 6 Months of Coaching and Consulting

  • Everything is with Emily!

  • 6 Monthly 1:1 Calls, 3, 1 Hour, 3, 30 Minutes

  • Monthly Group Coaching Call

  • Monthly Boutique Training Call (Topics from Paid Advertising, using your buying plan and scaling your boutique business)

  • Business Assessment from past year

  • Open to Buy Plan for the next 6-8 months

  • Recorded Trainings and Calls from former Guest Experts

Why Choose Emily & High Vibe Boutique Mastermind

  1. Experience. I have 15 years merchandising background with Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Henri Bendel, followed by launching one of the first mobile fashion trucks in the nation. I have spent the past 4 years educating and consulting with brick and mortar, online and mobile retailers utilizing a groundbreaking new training methodology. 

  2. Approach. The basis of my holistic approach to boutique coaching and education is that you are capable of anything.  “You cannot have a successful business with a busted mindset.” It’s impossible to separate your personal health and wellness from your business success. When working for yourself, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re envisioning your dreams, pacing yourself, meditating and operating your business with a well thought out plan.

  3. Results. Let’s face it. Results matter. My Fashion Truck hit six figures of sales in it's first year of business. Though I rarely talk about it, I've spent the past 4 years guiding boutiques, many which double and triple sales during our time together.

"Mastermind 2019 was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. I was excited to be able to work more closely with Emily this past year. Little did I know when I talked to her and we decided mastermind was a great fit for me, that my life would change drastically this year. I became a mom of a precious little girl. You may be wondering how Emily and mastermind had anything to do with that. It didn’t with the actually baby, but Emily was able to help me fast track a brand new storefront into being profitable while being pregnant. She also help me put a plan in place to be comfortable to step away from the store and take maternity leave for 12 weeks. 12 WEEKS!!! I was so stressed wondering how I would be able to leave the store and let go of some control and become a first time mom. Well I did it, my staff was properly trained and took care of my store while I took care of my baby. I am now happily adjusted to new mom life and ready to see where 2020 takes us as a business. We are in the planning stages of opening a second location in 2020. My dreams are huge and I know my potential is endless. Emily is a rockstar and truly has a passion to help you be successful in every aspect of business and sometimes life. I would highly recommend her and I look forward to working with her in the future. "

Ashley Wilkinson
Whimsy Willows Boutique

"As a new boutique owner and just couldn’t find any resources that really got into the financial details of running a profitable boutique. I was lucky enough to find Emily’s podcast and book last year. I spent all summer listening to her podcast episodes and reading her book and then decided to reach out to see if she would have time to take me on as a private coaching client. It was a fantastic experience! She addressed all of my concerns, questions and challenges in a way that made it possible to set reasonable goals. Our time working together resulted in my almost doubling my average monthly sales. I will always grateful for her mentorship."

Amy Lamparelli
Sorellina Boutique

Listen to Current & Former Mastermind Clients!





I am so excited to bring you the High Vibe Boutique Mastermind. Investing in yourself is so important. As a Boutique CEO, I wanted to bring you a comprehensive program that encompasses 1:1 coaching, trainings and  connecting with other high vibe CEOs.


The Mastermind is meant for you if you have:

  • Been in business 2-3 years minimum 
  • Have monthly revenue of $20,000 or more
  • Are ready to start running profitable advertising
  • Have an established brand and following on social media
  • Want to open more locations or online as a next step
  • Are ready to make an investment in yourself to get to the next level


 How to Join the Mastermind:

Because this group is small (12 or less people) we ask that you fill out a short application and then you and I will get on the phone to discuss your questions and make sure it's the right next step for you!

Apply for the April 2021 Mastermind!

The application is now open! Slots will go quickly so fill out the application below and a member of Team Emily will be in contact with you if you are a good fit!

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