Are you ready to get my direct feedback on your boutique business strategy?

Imagine I'm in front of you, with your boutique's website pulled up on a big screen and we reviewed your:

- Photography

- Pricing

- Product Assortment

and I gave you the exact steps you needed to take your boutique business to the next level?


Earlier in the day I walk you through my proven Facebook Ads process that gives my clients a 5-15x return on spend.


And we end the day with me answering whatever questions you have about marketing, social media, margins, product assortment or advertising...


I don't know about you... but this sounds like an amazing day!


So when is it?

You're invited to attend a Boost Your Boutique One Day Intensive Workshop in New York City on Saturday June 8, 2019 from 10am- 6pm! 

As an attendee of the Boost Your Boutique Workshop in New York City you'll receive:

My intention with this workshop is to get deep into business strategy, marketing tips and review Facebook/Instagram advertising with you in a more intimate way. After experiencing tons of in person event time for myself, I realize the power of leaving your day-to-day life to spend laser-focused time working on your business.
  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaires will be sent so that the time will be completely customized to the needs of the group.
  • A Marketing Analysis of your website or social media and see what can be tweaked or improved for better reach and traffic conversion.
  • A Live Facebook Ads Demo where you'll receive a workbook that walks you through the process. We'll also do it live with an attending business (your's could be chosen if it's a good candidate!)
  • A Long Q&A Time With Me because I want to make sure you leave feeling like you know what your exact next steps are in your boutique business.
  • Interactive Video Displays will be utilized so you can visually soak up the knowledge and training.
  • The Full Training Recording will be available to you following the workshop. 

"Working with Emily, I've tripled my sales in less than 7 months. I continue to have 6-figure MONTHS and as we refine my advertising, I'm able to take time off while my boutique still makes money."

Lex N.
Online Boutique Owner, Utah

"I always feel nervous about the investment in working with Emily, but every time I do, I make my money back multiple times over."

Boutique Owner, West Virginia

"Emily cares so much about each one of us and it completely shows. I felt seen, supported, challenged and cherished the entire time with her at this event."

Mary Pat
Online Boutique, Georgia

Emily & her boutiques have been featured in:

A little about Emily Benson, Retail Educator, Bestselling Author & Boost Your Boutique podcast host:

I'm Emily Benson and it’s my personal goal to help more women achieve maximum success with their boutique businesses. Failure is not an option in my mind.

I've spent the past 15 years navigating the retail fashion industry. First, as a corporate retail merchant for major vertical brands (think Abercrombie and Fitch, Club Monaco & Henri Bendel) running million dollar accessories businesses. I did everything from design and product development to store merchandising and brand launches. You name it, I most likely know how to execute it (and #crushit!)

In 2011, I quit corporate to start my own mobile boutique, The Fashion Truck, one of the first of it's kind in the country. I quickly realized how different being a small business owner was from the 9-5 life and after a massive Truck-totaling accident, I knew something needed to change. Since the day I crashed my business, I've been on a path to figuring out how to be super successful in my boutiques (I added a brick and mortar!) and really happy in my life.

And I've finally got the formula.

I've seen how many women want to get into the boutique business, and 99% of them have no real, boutique-experienced mentors. That's a problem... one that I aim to solve with the Boutique Training Academy. I'm excited to help you a boutique that creates happiness and profitability.


This event is on the verge of selling out! Please make sure you get your seat today!




Doors close in









We'll meet in a chic, lightfilled space blocks from Bryant Park!

Let's answer some of your questions:

When is this event? Saturday June 8, 2019 from 10am to 6pm. We always start and end on time. Time is valuable!

Why New York City? I used to attend the FAME Show in NYC to buy for my boutique. I know lots of you do now. The FAME Show begins on Sunday June 9, 2019, the day after this workshop. My goal is to always raise your vibe BEFORE you go into making big decisions. So let's dig into your business before you go shop!

NYC is huge... where is the workshop? I've booked a large chic meeting space in Midtown Manhattan/Garment District area about 2-3 blocks from Bryant Park. The workshop is easily accessible from both Penn Station and Grand Central. It's also close-ish to the Javits Center where FAME is held. You will receive detailed location information when you register.

What does the schedule look like? Arrivals and registration will begin at 9:30am and the workshop will begin promptly at 10am. We'll take an hour break for lunch on your own from 1- 2pm and then go until 6pm.

Is this event different from the Rich Retailer Retreat? Yes. I'm focused on supporting both your mindset and your business. The Boost Your Boutique Workshop is focused 90% on business, 10% mindset, while the 3-day Rich Retailer Retreat is made up of 90% mindset, 10% business.

Will there be a ton of people there? NO. This room completely maxes out at 35 people. We will cap it at 30 which we know will sell out very quickly.

How do I know if it's right for me to attend? How did reading the description feel? Did you get excited? Then you should probably be there. The fact is that most of my Tribe should be in this room because we are going to be talking business strategy all day (between a few meditations and goal setting moments, obviously!) Do not hesitate if this is right for you. We only have 30 seats in this space and this event will sell out quickly.

What if I'm just starting out, is this right for me? Do you want to be in the energy of other high vibe boutique owners? Then YES, get in this room! I've always said that even if I felt intimidated, I would put myself in the rooms with other business owners who I wanted to be like. It's easy to "play up" and get really inspired from people who are a few steps ahead of you.

Can you guarantee you'll review my business stuff? While I wish I could do everyone's Facebook Ads, I can't. My goal is to get to as many attendees as possible to help them with what they feel they need to get from this workshop. I would like each person to come with an identified need for their business and questions they feel will get them to the next spot.

What if I can't make it, will you be hosting another soon? Most likely no... and if I do, it probably won't be in NYC. 

Other questions? Please feel free to email my team at