You love having focused retail trainings!

There's just one problem...

they are really hard to find!

Do you ever...

  • Scour Google for the answer to a problem you're having in your store?
  • Crowdsource your frustrations in a Facebook group?
  • Find that many boutique/retail Facebook groups are just plain negative?
  • Feel like when you ask boutique owners in your area for help, they don't return your calls or emails?
  • Feel totally alone in your daily business life?
  • Wish you were more inspired by running and growing your boutique (& didn't feel so burdened and overwhelmed)?

You want to feel inspired and connected and grow your awesome boutique, but you're not really sure how to do it. And do it consistently. So many have said "I wish I had a business bestie!" Well, my friend, I've got you.


You can access the Boutique Elite Membership anytime, anyplace using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Who is Boutique Elite for? 

  • Boutique Owners: just starting out to 10+ years in business
  • Direct Fashion Sellers: LuLaRoe, Agnes & Dora, DotDotSmile
  • Product Line Creators: Have a clothing or product line? Same ideas apply to you too!

There is nothing else like the Boutique Elite Membership out there. Trust me... I've done the research and there is no one else teaching, training and supporting you in the way that this membership does. When I had my boutique, I wish this existed for me to feel consistently supported and like I was on the upward path of growth in my business. The Boutique Elite Membership is the only weekly, monthly and yearly guidance to help you deepen your knowledge and connection with your business, so effortlessly fitting into your life.

The Boutique Elite Membership combines the inspiration hit and energy of a apparel buying trip with the depth of a book, the transformative power of a meditation and the sense of support like a having a coach would feel. You no longer have to search for some kind of business road map, wondering what is 'normal' and what you should be doing today, this week, this month. At any time of the day or night, you can dive into everything you need to experience powerful learning and growth.

This program is currently closed.

"In my first call with Emily, I told her that by the end of our time together I wanted to buy a new car with money from my business. Over the course of the three months, I went from $6k months to $16-25k months in my retail business. I made $40,000 more than the same time period the year before... AND BOUGHT MY DREAM CAR! The money practices and coaching Emily provided shifted my mindset in huge ways and I was set up for massive success this year."

Beth Presher
Roaming Boutique, Ohio

"I knew I had the personality to run my own LuLaRoe business, but I wasn't confident in the most important part, the business aspect of LLR. With Emily's help, I made back my initial investment in 3 months, saved $3,000 to make our dream move to Florida and most importantly gave me the confidence to move forward with LuLaRoe and create amazing opportunities for my family."

Kim Breton
LuLaRoe Consultant, Florida

"I started to notice I was in a slump, so I hired Emily Benson. My business has completely turned around, now I'm doing phenomenal. I'm proud to say that Emily helped me grow over $50,000 in one month. How can you afford not to hire Emily?"

Shari Aussant
Mermaids on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A bit of fine print with a few more payment, cancel and membership details. Please read these terms and conditions:

* All trainings are applicable to any type of retail store or product based business, whether it's e-commerce, mobile, brick and mortar, direct sales or pop up shops.

** You can cancel at any time, within 48 hours of your next billing date. If within 48 hours, you will be required to pay for that month and then your subscription will be cancelled the for the following bill date. If you choose to cancel, you lose access to the library.

***As with the nature of digital products as this one, once you purchase you have immediate access to the content. If you choose to subscribe, we cannot refund your first month's subscription because, as stated, you have immediate access to all of the content. If you purchase and then wish to immediately cancel, we can cancel future subscription payments, but we cannot refund your first month. If you choose to cancel soon after subscribing, you will have your first month's access, and then you will lose access to the library 30 days from date of first purchase.

+ If you choose to pay the yearly rate, you will be granted access for 365 days from the date you first purchase. If you choose to cancel before the year is over, you will not be reimbursed for any months you have remaining on your membership. Once you cancel, you will lose access to the library of trainings.

++  You will be auto-billed every 30 days from the date you register for each additional month until you choose to cancel.

Any further questions please send us an email at and we'll get right back to you!


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