Start Your Dream Boutique Business

And create the freedom and life that allows you to do what you love most.


The Boutique Basics framework allows you to build a boutique from the ground up, without all the guesswork and google-ing, so you can stop dreaming and start selling.

Have you always dreamed of opening a boutique?

Let’s get your boutique startup moving faster with expert guidance, peer support and best-in-breed tools.

 Launching a boutique business requires a comprehensive plan. Boutique Training Academy specializes in education and personalized consulting for the boutique business owner. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind program which combines individual consulting services with online education over the course of 6 months. You’ll learn to build a marketing plan, operations plan, define your niche and choose the right product mix.

But before you scroll down,

Is this you?


You love clothes, home goods, baby or kids items, but you just don't know where to start.

The full time job at school, the office, the hospital or home has you exhausted and feeling unfulfilled. You know there is more for you.

But watching YouTube videos, joining every free Facebook group and "big boutique owner" has you second guessing yourself.

All the "advice" you've been getting feels overwhelming, and it seems like every boutique owner has taken a different path.

Your fear of failure is starting to take over your ideas and excitement, meanwhile you wonder if the market is already too saturated with boutiques.

(The size of those groups makes you think there's no room for you too.)

You're exhausted trying to piece together all the elements of opening, and wish someone would just tell you exactly what the steps are to having a thriving boutique.

You are frustrated that starting a boutique feels hard, and you wish it could just be easy.

  • You're worried what friends and family will think when you start posting photos of yourself in clothes and jewelry.

  • You see little boutiques popping up in garages all over town and panic that there's not enough room for you too.

  • You see huge boutiques with warehouses and wish you knew their secrets.

  • Maybe you're open and feel like the only people who will ever buy from you are the people in your life already?

I know this:

You have a vision of a beautiful boutique and are simply tired of waiting for it to happen.

Maybe you need some professional training too.

Hi friend, I'm Emily!

For the past 5 years, I've been educating and consulting with brick and mortar, online and mobile retailers utilizing a groundbreaking new training methodology.

I have over 17 years merchandising background with Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Henri Bendel, followed by launching one of the first mobile fashion trucks in the nation.

As the founder of Boutique Training Academy, one of the top retail educational platforms for boutique owners, I'm the secret behind so many of those million dollar boutique businesses you see online.

What if you could have the kind of success these boutique owners have?

Anyone can start a boutique, but not everyone is guaranteed success.

If you're ready to have the boutique business you've been dreaming of, then Boutique Basics Bootcamp is the perfect next step for you.

"I'm so grateful to work with Emily. Together we have tripled my sales and I continue to grow beyond my wildest dreams."

Lex Nevin, Dressed in LaLa


"I waited way too long to begin working with Emily Benson. And now that I have... I recommend no one wait."

Erin Craft, 3 Willows Boutique


"I hired Emily to avoid making all the 'beginner mistakes' when switching from a direct sales company to boutique."

Jill Vadnie, Dakota Flora Boutique


Boutique Basics Bootcamp is the ONLY program designed specifically for new and startup boutique owners. Created by successful fashion entrepreneur, Emily Benson, you’ll learn the strategies and tactics you need to launch a boutique business with real profit margins. This is the only entry level training course offering proven expertise and  detailed workbooks at an affordable price.

You should take this class if you’re wondering:

  • How can you feel more positive about your business launch?
  • How can you identify your ideal customer niche and is it important?
  • How can you create loyalty and increase conversions?
  • How can you create a product assortment that sells?
  • What every boutique should do (or not do!) on social media to be successful?
  • How much inventory do you need to launch and then keep as you grow?

If you answered yes and you’re starting out or have been in business and sales are less than $3000/month, Boutique Basics Bootcamp is for you!

We’re here to help your boutique business grow at an unstoppable rate.

Tiffany H., Online Boutique

Boutique Basics Bootcamp is the best investment you can do for yourself with Emily! Emily will tell you the truth and challenge your thinking process about boutique ownership!!! Simply the best...

Jen D., Brick & Mortar Boutique

But the biggest success is that I get the keys to my B&M tomorrow!!! It’s right in downtown Glens Falls, NY, exactly where I wanted to be!!! It’s all happening so fast. Can you say MOMENTUM. When things are aligned it’s amazing how everything just takes off.

Let's spend the next 3 months together creating a boutique business that makes you money.

Recently, I decided to completely turn this course upside down. I've been teaching Boutique Basics Bootcamp as a 6-7 week online course since 2017. But what happens to you after that short amount of time? Frankly, I don't always know!

What I do know is that the high quality support my team and I can provide for your new boutique business is unmatched in the boutique consulting space. So let's hang out in Boutiqueland for even longer- three whole months!

Now, when you sign up for Boutique Basics Bootcamp, you'll get the course that over 900 new boutique owners, just like you, have already been through. You'll get three months of bi-weekly group coaching calls, Shopify training, a support group and so much more. If you have a question or a struggle, it's going to get answered in a way where you feel supported and aligned so the solution works for you.

In Boutique Basics Bootcamp you'll learn:


Taking Back Your Time

  • Ease into the course our first week together

  • Introduce yourself and be welcomed into our warm & uplifting Boutiqueland group

  • Learn to look at your time each day in an entirely new way

  • Stop doing what's not moving the needle in your life and business ASAP


Mindset and Motivation

  • Why you need a BIG WHY to create brand messaging that matters

  • Identifying your personal money story for deep transformation

  • How to throw out the thoughts that aren’t serving your success

  • What you need to create a personal, daily mindset practice that serves your highest self


Your Ideal Customer

  • Who do you think you want to serve?

  • Why do they need you in their life every week?

  • What can you offer to them to keep them coming back and buying from you?


Your Product Assortment

  • How to create an assortment that sells

  • Why your pricing structure matters and how to develop a structure that matches your ideal customer's expectations

  • Create a product sourcing strategy that saves you time and money


Your Operations Plan

  • What kind of boutique will you be and what implications on set up does that mean?

  • Mega simplified definitions of all the confusing accounting, tax, insurance and licensing terms you need to know.

  • What must your website have on it to turn lookers into buyers?


Your Marketing Plan

  • Why doing every social media is killing your sales

  • How to keep customers visiting you and BUYING from you!

  • Why you must get comfortable on video and how to convert viewers to buyers


Boutique Launch Plan

  • How much inventory do you need to launch and then keep as you grow?

  • Why being consistent in your marketing plan is the key to making money

  • How to hold the long term vision for your boutique’s success when others may doubt you


So Much Support!

  • Private Facebook group with group accountability and support

  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls 

  • Bi-Monthly Q & A sessions 

  • Monthly Shopify training calls 

  • Current Trend reports and forecasts

  • Curated Vendor lists

  • How to Shop at Market and LA Mini Courses

  • How to Grow Your Audience Webinar

Alexia, Online Boutique

As a first time boutique owner and after just crossing the 1-year mark, I felt like I needed to work on fine tuning a few different aspects of my business. When I saw there was going to be a Boutique Basics Bootcamp course, I jumped at the opportunity! During the course I began implementing some things Emily and her team discussed and wow! My business almost doubled in sales from what I had seen in the months prior. Emily & her coaches truly know what they’re talking about! I took something away from absolutely every aspect of this course – the importance of mindset work was life changing. I will be a lifelong follower of Emily – it has already made all the difference in my boutique!

If you're struggling in Boutiqueland, we've got you!

Boutique Basics Bootcamp is a comprehensive program for new (and new-ish) Boutique Owners looking to make money in their business and have balance in their life.

Staying up late searching the web for the "best strategies" and "secrets to success" can be over. You're answers are here in this program.

Our intention for you is to have a boutique business that is both fun and profitable, based in a plan of action and momentum. Fear of failure? Fear no more.

Meet the Coaches! 

Ariane Braverman


Ariane comes to Team Emily with over 20 years experience in the fashion and retail industry. Ariane and Emily first met working at Henri Bendel in New York City as part of the Jewelry and Accessories team. Ariane is also a former brand consultant working with jewelry brands on creating cohesive assortments as well as educating designers on how to approach retailers.

Having taken Six Figure Blueprint herself, Ariane knows the value of the course and the changes it can bring to both your business and your mindset.  Bringing her keen eye for spotting emerging trends and designers, Ariane is so excited to share decades of experience in retail with all of you!

Andrea Kenney

Shopify Expert

Andrea's background in retail spans the last 13 years working part-time  in high-end retail for a luxury handbag company. After graduating with her Masters in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in 2018, she knew her career in corporate security was stifling her creativity and her desire to help others. 

Andrea has served as Emily's brand manager for the last two years and has immersed herself in Boutiqueland, specifically focusing on the social media and e-Commerce. Over the last year, she has helped many boutiques and small businesses create and manage their Shopify accounts and is excited to share what she has learned with you!

Brittany Petrik

Accountability Coach

Brittany is the owner of Roseabella Boutique (storefront & online) located in Watertown, South Dakota.

She's a former elementary teacher who started out selling clothing via direct sales, and quickly realized she was meant for more. Brittany has built a strong community of women both locally & online. She strives to empower women of all shapes and sizes.

Brittany's been working with Emily for 1.5 years and has seen massive shifts in her business. Doing the work is the KEY to seeing the results!

Shari Aussant, 

Accountability Coach

Shari is the owner of Mermaids on Cape Cod mobile boutique, storefront, & online store.

With a background in Arts Management & alternatively, retail therapy, she feels her true nature is helping women feel beautiful & comfortable in their clothing and the skin they’re in; coaching their mindset is everything!!

Shari has worked with Emily for the past 8 years. In those years, she's created a life she loves and a workplace that has sustained her family of 5, employed 6 women, & created a schedule that brings her joy.

"I have been following Emily for a few years and find her to be truly amazing, so positive. The first course I took was Boutique Basics Bootcamp - what an eye-opener as to where I was going wrong. Emily helped me to get back on track." 

Dekara Case-Lambert, Dekara Jane Fashion Boutique


"Boutique Basics Bootcamp delivers EXACTLY what it promises! Emily uses her unique experience and no bullsh*# perspective to give you the foundational tools needed to succeed in the boutique biz. I had some retail background and lived and died by my outdated 'keystone' philosophy to pricing. When Emily explained the 3x markup concept, my mind was blown. I now know that my business is viable and growth is the actuality, not just a dream for someday."

Beth K, A Sparkling Mess

"I’ve taken several of Emily‘s courses and she is amazing. I think the biggest takeaway I have gotten back is the mindset work. I like her energy and she isn’t just stuff & fluff she gives you that meat and potatoes of what you need to make your business successful."

Tami Anderson, Tapestry Boutique


What is Boutique Training Academy?

Boutique Training Academy is an online education company that has proven results in successfully training and affecting change in new and established retailers. We were one of the first true merchandising and education experts in the new age of boutique consulting industry, and we strive to be different than what's offered anywhere else. Here’s what truly sets us apart:

  1. Experience. Our founder, Emily Benson, has 17 years merchandising background with Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Henri Bendel, followed by launching one of the first mobile fashion trucks in the nation. She has spent the past 6 years educating and consulting with brick and mortar, online and mobile retailers utilizing a groundbreaking new training methodology. 

  2. Approach. The basis of Emily’s holistic approach to boutique coaching and education is that you are capable of anything. You cannot have a successful business with a busted mindset.” It’s impossible to separate your personal health and wellness from your business success. When working for yourself, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re envisioning your dreams, pacing yourself, meditating and operating your business with a well thought out plan. When you join Boutique Basics Bootcamp, we'll walk you through 6 course modules, including marketing, business and operations. You’ll have the additional benefit of 12+ hours of group coaching to jumpstart your career alongside detailed training workbooks and videos.

  3. Team. Emily's compiled a team of incredible women business owners-turned-coaches to support you on this journey. Each is highly experienced in the specifics of launching and running a boutique, and trained in our BTA "Mindset-Margins-Marketing" methodology. Combined, our team has about 74 years of retail and boutique experience. All ages, locations and life situations, they are here to be another voice, virtual hug and kick in the butt you need to overcome the blocks that are holding you back.

  4. Results. Let’s face it. Results matter. Emily’s Fashion Truck hit six figures of sales in its first year of business. Boutique Training Academy has had over 900 new boutique owners not only love the course, but have changed the course of their business from it. You'll see past graduates freely chiming in on social media to talk about the course has changed their life and encouraging others to sign up.


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